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Keeping your smile and oral health in tip-top shape takes more effort than you might realize. You need to brush twice a day; floss and rinse daily; visit your dentist, Dr. Eric Weinstock, every six months; and have a healthy diet. When it comes to having a diet that promotes good oral health, it’s important to follow a couple small rules.

First, avoid eating foods that are sticky and chewy. This is suggested because these types of foods cling to the teeth for a long about of time and cause problems. Typically, they are loaded with sugar, so the longer the particles stick to the teeth, the higher of a chance you’ll have of having cavities.

Second, eat high-carbohydrate, acidic, and sugary foods with your meals. This is suggested because if you eat these foods by themselves, the acid can attack and harm the teeth. If you eat them with your meals, the other foods can neutralize the acid and lessen the harmful effects.

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