Most children are quite active, and while this is beneficial to their health and lifestyle, it can lead to injury. If your child receives a tooth injury, our endodontist at Cobb Corner Endodontics, P.C. may be able to help. Dr. Eric Weinstock can examine your child’s tooth and determine if the roots or inner pulp are damaged. If so, we can provide your child with the care they need. We invite you to contact us at 781-575-9633 to learn more about dental injuries in children in Canton, Massachusetts, and to schedule your appointment with our doctor.

Although most endodontic treatments are performed on adults, there is the rare occasion when a child requires a specific endodontic procedure. At our practice, we treat two types of tooth repairs that children may require after injuring a tooth.

The first treatment is an apexogenesis. In this procedure, our endodontist encourages the tooth’s root to continue growing as the pulp heals by covering the soft tissue with medication. As the child gets older, the tip of their root will continue to close and the walls of the root canal will thicken. The more mature the root can become, the greater the likelihood of preserving the tooth. Our doctor works to help the root mature. If the pulp heals, there will be no need for additional treatment.

The second treatment is an apexification. This procedure is similar to a root canal in that unhealthy pulp is removed. Our endodontist will then place medication into the root to help a hard tissue form at the root’s tip, providing a barrier for the root canal filling. Because this procedure removes the tooth’s pulp, the root canal walls will no longer develop, which may lead to tooth fractures. To complete this procedure and minimize the risk of tooth fracture, it is important to have your dentist properly restore your tooth’s cap.

With either of these treatments, Dr. Eric Weinstock can help your child preserve their tooth and maintain their oral health as your child continues to grow. For more information, we invite you to call or visit our office today.