Before Endodontic Treatment

Most patients who visit Cobb Corner Endodontics, P.C. will require a root canal treatment. The root canal therapy will be performed with local anesthetic, meaning only the treated area (the tooth and surrounding tissue) will be affected. Therefore, there are usually no restrictions about driving home or returning to work or school following your treatment. Prior to your appointment, please be sure to eat a full breakfast or lunch, unless otherwise instructed by Dr. Weinstock.

If your dentist or physician has advised that you take antibiotic premedication because of mitral valve prolapse with regurgitation; heart murmur; hip, knee, cardiac, or other prosthesis; or rheumatic heart disease, please ensure that you take the appropriate antibiotic on the day of your appointment.

After Endodontic Treatment

Your tooth and surrounding gum tissue may be tender for several days after treatment from the procedure and previous condition of your tooth. This tenderness is normal and is no cause for alarm. Do not chew food on the affected side until your endodontic therapy is completed AND your tooth is covered with a protective restoration provided by your restorative dentist. You should brush and floss the treated tooth; however, be more gentle around this tooth than you normally would. Endodontic therapy is not definitive treatment for this tooth with respect to function. It is imperative that you schedule an appointment with your general dentist within two weeks of completion at our office to begin your restorative treatment.

We invite you to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding pre- and post-treatment information. We are pleased to care for your smile with professional and comfortable endodontics in Canton, Massachusetts.