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Have you heard the term “root canal” but wonder what it is or why it is necessary? Dr. Eric Weinstock and our team are happy to tell you all you need to know about root canals.

Root canals (properly termed “root canal treatment” or “root canal therapy”) are a dental treatment performed to help save and protect teeth from damage to the dental pulp. If a tooth’s pulp is damaged or infected, it needs to be removed to allow the tooth to survive, as the damaged pulp will often lead to the death of the tooth.

In many cases, tooth enamel is compromised by bacteria and acid, which then gain access to the pulp, which contains the tooth’s nerve endings, connective tissues, blood vessels, and–in essence–is the life force of the tooth. If damaged tooth pulp is not removed, it will lead to total tooth failure and eventual tooth loss.

You can help thwart pulp failure by guarding your tooth enamel against dental decay. You should also be aware of an additional threat to tooth enamel, such as multiple impacts to the tooth and previous dental procedures that can wear down tooth enamel over time. Dental accidents and injuries can also cause a tooth’s enamel to crack or weaken. By protecting your tooth enamel, you can ensure that root canals will not be needed.

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