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Automotive collisions, a fall in the home or a sports injury that contacts the mouth can potentially damage a tooth’s root and other sensitive structures. This can cause immediate pain and sensitivity as well as damage to the gums.

In a scenario like this you may need to seek emergency care from an endodontic specialist like Dr. Eric Weinstock and the staff at Cobb Corner Endodontics, P.C.. The special training and experience he has received help him to quickly assess the severity of the damage to the tooth to develop an effective treatment plan.  

In many of these cases Dr. Eric Weinstock’s will need to perform a root canal to treat the badly damaged tooth. Also known as endodontic therapy this mode of treatment will excise all the traumatized dental structures.

It also includes fully removing tooth’s enamel layer. At this point he will create an abutment that will have the necessary structural integrity to eventually anchor a dental crown restoration.

Once all affected teeth have been treated and addressed Dr. Eric Weinstock will likely provide you with a prescription for anti-inflammatory and pain management medication. They will need to be taken at the stated times and dosages.

If you are in the Canton, Massachusetts, area and you have a painful or otherwise distressed tooth, you should call 781-575-9633 to seek emergency endodontic treatment from Dr. Eric Weinstock.