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If you’re experiencing a toothache, which is also known as tooth pain, then you’re probably wondering why it’s there in the first place. Unfortunately, there are many different things that could be causing your toothache, and our dentist, Dr. Eric Weinstock, is happy to tell you all about them.

The first cause is damage. Damage can be anything like a cracked tooth or something lodged between the teeth or in the gums. It can also involve a broken dental restoration, like a dental crown or dental filling. The damage can apply pressure to the tooth and cause the pain.

The second cause is decay. Decay is a serious dental problem that involves bacteria creating holes in the tooth enamel and causing pain. If you’re not careful, the decay can also spread and infect the inner layers of the tooth, causing even more discomfort.

The third cause is gum disease. Gum disease is a typical cause of tooth pain. This is because it affects the gums and makes the gums move away from the teeth. When this happens, the tooth roots are exposed, and this increases the tooth sensitivity. Gum disease can also cause pain by making the surrounding gums red, swollen, and infected.

If your toothache lasts longer than two days, then it’s important to contact Cobb Corner Endodontics, P.C. at 781-575-9633 and schedule an appointment. We also encourage you to call our office if you have any questions or if you would like to know more about the causes behind tooth pain in Canton, Massachusetts. We offer a variety of endodontic treatments for your smile!