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Typically, Dr. Eric Weinstock recommends that you receive a root canal procedure if you have developed severely damaged teeth whose compromised tooth pulp would require them to be extracted otherwise. We review certain dental conditions that can cause damage to the tooth pulp and require the performance of root canal treatment.

Root canal treatment is often able to serve as a second chance for a tooth whose dental pulp is beyond repair due to significant damage. While the tooth pulp is the area of the tooth that houses nerves, blood vessels and connective tissues, your tooth can actually last many years without it.

We encourage you to be aware of the conditions that can affect your tooth enamel to the point that they cause damage to the tooth pulp. This can include bad oral accidents that result in blunt tooth trauma and the development of cracks, chips and fractures. Any openings in a tooth can allow for bacteria to weaken the inner tooth structure and cause a tooth infection.

Other tooth risks you may not consider are cavities and tooth enamel erosion, which also form holes in the tooth that oral bacteria can use to access your tooth pulp. You can largely prevent these conditions by brushing and flossing every day to maintain your oral health, but keep in mind that if a tooth does develop a condition that compromises the pulp, you may need to undergo a root canal to preserve your smile.

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